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About Us

TRON was founded in 2002, dedicated to head IP authorization, with IP authorization, R & D,production, sales of complete business closed-loop.


RETRO STATION is adesktop game console designed and manufactured by TRON,and authorized by CAPCOM.


RETRO STATION’sdesign was inspired by the MEGA MAN and CRT displays, incorporating CAPCOMclassic colors and LOGO. It has 8-inch 4:3 LCD display, well customizedjoystick and buttons, and two sound system level super bass speakers. You canplay the classic games OST while playing games.


RETRO STATION pre-installed 10 classic CAPCOM games, including 5 games of MEGA MAN series ,and 5 games of STREET FIGHTER series. At the same time it also has some classicOST of these games.


You can use theRETRO STATION FIGHTSTICK to play 2-player games with just one console. RETROSTAION can also output HD quality video to a big screen via HDMI interface. Oryou can use the PVP DONGLE to make wireless connections between 2 RETROSTATIONS, and play 2-player games also.


There are some oldgames, may have faded out of our sight, but always give us so good memories.RETRO STATION will bring these games to you, and make you experience theirpassion and charm again.